Birds of Prey

Living by the coast and not far from Hadrian’s Wall there are lots of things to do and trips to take for a day out. Yesterday however I did something I have never done before and visited the Rising Sun farm for a birds of prey session. This is a local country park in Wallsend which was once the Rising Sun coal mine. At the farm is a Falconry and myself and a few friends had an hour and half session there holding different birds and flying them. I was a little anxious at first but it was an amazing experience. Derek the owner was vey knowledgeable telling us all sorts of interesting facts about his birds. After handling and stoking the birds we went out of the falconry to fly them. Wearing a falconry glove and holding some food in our hands we each took turns to entice the birds to fly onto our outstretched hands. What a sight to see an eagle owl swoop down off a pole, fly low along the ground and land on your hand to feed. Wow! Anyone can visit the farm and the falconry and it is an experience I would definitely recommend. Here’s me holding an eagle owl, just look at his eyes!


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